La-Ven-Fla or La-Ven-Die

As a part of cerebral palsy, speech can be tricky to pronounce clearly and for others to understand me. For an example, I spent a hour trying to say the word lavender as it came up in conversation with my boyfriend. However, no matter how I tried it kept coming out as la-ven-fla or la-ven-die which was very funny at the time. In the end after a hour, I eventually persisted enough to pronounce lavender correctly. If you are looking for a moral to this story, you can say if you want something that seems like an unreachable goal, persist … Continue reading La-Ven-Fla or La-Ven-Die


To mark this momentous occasion of christening girlonwheels I thought I’d tell you three significant things you should know about me before diving in deep. 1. I have a bunch of amazing carers who are with me 24/7. These people not only keep me from becoming hangry but they also stand beside me when I’m wigging out about drama which sometimes can be like Bold And The Beautiful. I just hope that I return the favour. 2. Mum’s wonderful too, she’s always everywhere I need her and even when I don’t know I need her. However, recently moving out of … Continue reading Introduction