Being disabled and having the runs.

Dear readers, I am documenting perhaps my last ever beloved frappe from McDonalds lovingly slurped on Saturday. Well, not counting any emotional crisis and my birthday. But, yes apart from that my last ever frappe. This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to promise myself and it’s a decision that I don’t take lightly because let’s be honest I absolutely love a Maccas frappe and I’d probably live on them if I could. They’re my drug of choice. Mmm that icy sweet deliciousness with whipped cream on top is so good. Okay, back on track now. The reason … Continue reading Being disabled and having the runs.

Different is Beautiful

Recently, I’ve had a friend lash out at me in various ways because she doesn’t feel beautiful in her own skin. While this has been upsetting, I’m mostly saddened by the fact she thinks she needs to change to be beautiful and my friend is certainly not alone. I also constantly battle my own insecurities and I do my best to overcome these. However, I believe insecurities exist due to society’s expectations and judgements. My question is why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be different when we’re beautiful in our own unique way? Dear readers, I … Continue reading Different is Beautiful


Two weeks ago I got my first tattoo, I am so excited to get it done that the only thing I’m slightly nervous about is the possibility of not being able to find the shop and missing the appointment altogether. Indeed my carer and I were lost for a little while but we managed to find the place on time. Upon arrival, we discover there is a small step into the tattoo parlor even though I specifically asked for wheelchair access. Apparently the tattoo artist doesn’t realise “accessible” means no steps at all, whatsoever. Luckily I always carry a portable … Continue reading Inked

Conversation with a psychic

For privacy reasons, certain details of this story will be obscured. Let me take you back to 2017. I was having lunch at a favourite local cafe with one of my carers called Polly and a lady walking past stopped after hearing Polly say my name and asked, ‘are you Billy? ‘Yes’ Polly replied. She continued to tell me about her grandson Billy and how intelligent he is, describing the medals that he had won. She then said bye and walked away. Carrying on with lunch, the lady returned a few minutes later. ‘Billy, I heard you calling me.’ Looking … Continue reading Conversation with a psychic

La-Ven-Fla or La-Ven-Die

As a part of cerebral palsy, speech can be tricky to pronounce clearly and for others to understand me. For an example, I spent a hour trying to say the word lavender as it came up in conversation with my boyfriend. However, no matter how I tried it kept coming out as la-ven-fla or la-ven-die which was very funny at the time. In the end after a hour, I eventually persisted enough to pronounce lavender correctly. If you are looking for a moral to this story, you can say if you want something that seems like an unreachable goal, persist … Continue reading La-Ven-Fla or La-Ven-Die


To mark this momentous occasion of christening girlonwheels I thought I’d tell you three significant things you should know about me before diving in deep. 1. I have a bunch of amazing carers who are with me 24/7. These people not only keep me from becoming hangry but they also stand beside me when I’m wigging out about drama which sometimes can be like Bold And The Beautiful. I just hope that I return the favour. 2. Mum’s wonderful too, she’s always everywhere I need her and even when I don’t know I need her. However, recently moving out of … Continue reading Introduction