Microsoft Adaptive Controller

A few days ago I bought a Microsoft Adaptive Xbox Controller and I love it! My boyfriend helped me set it up and turned on the co-pilot function so that we can do things as one. I only currently have a few buttons because for it to be fully functional you have to buy buttons, switches and joysticks separately. So at the moment my boyfriend steers while I jump, run, pick up stuff, talk and occasionally fight with help. Basically I’ve been mostly using it for mischief and annoying my boyfriend which gives me great joy. In the future I’d love to get more switches and custom joysticks. If anyone like me who is a gamer by heart and is looking for a Xbox adaptive controller but doesn’t want to invest in one without reading reviews, please let me know. I’m more than happy to give updates on how I go. Otherwise, check out this review by a famous YouTuber with cerebral palsy, Zac Anner

So far my overall experience with Microsoft’s adaptive technology has been fabulous and inclusive, apart from the ridiculous cost and having to buy individual items which ironically makes it inaccessible. It’s just the market for all accessible technology, if you are disabled everything costs an arm and leg (no pun intended). But hey, if it brings this much happiness, what does price matter?

Here are a few short videos of me playing Witcher with my new adaptive controller.

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