What’s So Appealing About Disabled Toilets?

Dear readers,

Let me tell you two things about waiting for public disabled toilets that really get my goat, especially when I’m almost wetting or pooping my paints. To be honest, there’s a lot more than two shitty things about disabled toilets but I cannot be bothered with typing all these down. So, here we are; the two most annoying situations that I commonly encounter.

1. Young teens thinking it’s cool to have sex in the disabled toilets and casually walking out half a hour later. Seriously, did you really have to do it right there and then? If you were that desperate to do it, couldn’t you just do it behind a rubbish bin or tree or on top of the Bendigo Poppet Head and scare the elderly? I don’t care if and where you have sex, as long as you don’t do it in the disabled toilets.

2. 40 year old looking men who are too self conscious to poo in the “Men’s” toilets. Again, seriously guys you need to get over yourselves. I also don’t see how you can think that leaving your stink (oooh, look I made a rhyme hahaha) for the next person who is handicapped and probably won’t be get in and out quickly is fair. Not only that but by the time you have leisurely taken your poo in private, the person who is waiting for you has presumably wet their pants.

Anyway, dear readers, please check out this hilariously great YouTube video which inspired this post to share my personal grievances. I hope this blog post creates a discussion around awareness and education.


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