Conversation with a psychic

For privacy reasons, certain details of this story will be obscured.

Let me take you back to 2017. I was having lunch at a favourite local cafe with one of my carers called Polly and a lady walking past stopped after hearing Polly say my name and asked, ‘are you Billy? ‘Yes’ Polly replied. She continued to tell me about her grandson Billy and how intelligent he is, describing the medals that he had won. She then said bye and walked away.

Carrying on with lunch, the lady returned a few minutes later. ‘Billy, I heard you calling me.’ Looking at Polly she announced, ‘I’m psychic.’ She grabbed my hand blabbering on, asking if she was allowed to hold my hand. Polly thankfully tried to politely stop the invasion of personal space by explaining ‘she really doesn’t like being touched.’ She answered ‘neither do I’, not lifting her hand from mine.

The lady declared how shit it was that I was trapped in this body and looked like she was about to cry. She went on, ignoring all attempts to regain my personal space. She proceeded to ramble about being psychic. Finally my self-proclaimed friend got the hint, but before she left, she took my hand gave it a kiss and told me she loved me! Then she rubbed her hands all over my face and hair and said ‘it’s ok my grandson will bring the medication soon.” As she walked away. The owner of the cafe made clear that she wasn’t allowed to stop there anymore so I could feel comfortable to come back and to this day I still I visit regularly.

This is just one of many hilariously absurd encounters with people that I seem to attract. I often remember this moment fondly and still ponder what, how and why. I guess these questions will remain unanswered but my self proclaimed friend made a big impact on my life and will be forever remembered.

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