To mark this momentous occasion of christening girlonwheels I thought I’d tell you three significant things you should know about me before diving in deep.

1. I have a bunch of amazing carers who are with me 24/7. These people not only keep me from becoming hangry but they also stand beside me when I’m wigging out about drama which sometimes can be like Bold And The Beautiful. I just hope that I return the favour.

2. Mum’s wonderful too, she’s always everywhere I need her and even when I don’t know I need her. However, recently moving out of home, I’ve learnt that we’re total opposites when it comes to organisation. At home I have even labeled the fridge and she’s a hoarder who picks up a grotty stinky rhythm stick lying on the footpath.

3. I do have a sexuality and it’s something that I’m proud to be exploring in a safe manner, I’m also in a loving relationship with my boyfriend. Being intimate can present some interesting and comical challenge which I think I’ll share later on. So if this makes you feel uncomfortable, then please respectfully click over to Pogs Eating Dasta on Tumblr. Thank you. But seriously, please do check out Pogs Eating Dasta it’s the best thing I’ve seen all day.

Over the course of this blog, I’ll share my favourite poems, discuss what it’s like living with cerebral palsy for me, the ups and downs, the quirks, my experiences traveling with a disability and what we can improve on to become more inclusive as a society such as increasing accessibility.

2 thoughts on “Introduction

    1. What a lovely surprise to see your comment here, I didn’t know you had a blog. I’ll definitely be following you too.


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